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The owner of the company had stepped away from the company and left it in the hands of Michael McDowell for 2 years after the death of a family member. After seeing all of these complaints and speaking with customers himself, the owner of the company came back into the office and cleaned house.

Michael McDowell is no longer with the company and Elite is striving to make customers happy.

Beware because Michael McDowell has started his own company now called Breathe Pure or K & H Consulting and he is using his own company to rip off customers. Elite has gone back and talked to every customer they can find who had a complaint and worked to make things right with each one.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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Mike McDowell came into my home and promised no out pf pocket and he is going to repair what my insurance has to pay. Anytime I would ask him if my insurance will cover the water damage work he stated has to be done to uphold my responsibilities according to my insurance policy, he promised it was covered and they have to pay.

This has been the worst choice because his company removed my kitchen, ceilings and now the insurance is refusing to pay for these repairs and refuses t pay to put it all back. Mr. McDowell gets angry when I demand for him to replace my kitchen and ceilings, claiming he did me a favor because according to IICRC guidelines, by law he had to mitigate.

Now 10 months later I am still sitting here without a kitchen and ceilings! This is such a mess and he refuses to put my house back together.


HI my name is Shelby I quit after 3 weeks. Tony never paid me my last check and I'm going to take legal action.

If he treats his employees bad imagine how he does the customer.

Horrible person. Don't waste your time


Hello my name is Brandon and I have been working for this company for 3 weeks and I would like to tell you everything and anything that you need to know so please give me a call at 214-326-6414


I am unsure how many consumers are actually reading this, what was actually just written in response to the owner stepping away is false information. Looks to be written by his accounting personnel.

The owner of Elite is not a stand up person. He did not step away only because he lost a family member. He was also in the middle of a divorce that he created himself. He cheated on his ex wife with hookers, he also had a baby with a woman he barely knew.

The owner was on a downward spiral. Had charges of child abuse that were dismissed.

He did not clean house to his company, his employees left. Several have sued him.

He has tried to have a negative affect on the ones that left including the employee named above. Elite has not gone back and talked to every customer, most would not talk to them in the first place. When making a decision to work with Elite please look at The Cleaner Image. The reviews are just as bad while under the owners thumb.

Elite hired an employee back that had stolen a credit card from one of his competitors companies.

He hired him knowing this information.

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