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I use to work there and Wendy didn't work there when this was posted stop putting slander in places you can't sp am if I know who worked in the office then and it wasn't her. I have 5 star reviews all over the internet with three different companies in which I worked for by numerous customers that I still keep In contact to this very day and still do work for and in which I have made life long friendships through my work.

A great technician can help your business and a bad technician can hurt your business. If your problem has been fixed why are you writing? If you have an issue Because of your previous employeement with him the obviously you weren't man enough to take care of business. Because when I worked there I never had money taken out of my check.

As a technician he made it toware I got incentives which made it toware I made more money. If I worked late he paid me more, unfortunately I never had taxes taken out but I saved my receipts for whatever and anything I could use to help with that. When you do right you get treated right. I see reviews on that previous employees have wrote but let's go over that.

Joel, was a salesman whose girlfriend worked in the office who was not a sweetheart like I saw on a previous review. she took customers card info and Tony's info and both disappeared after stealing thousands of dollars and yet people pointed blame on tony for such. I don't agree with everything he does as a man outside of work even with work but when I worked there I made sure I left the customers house with their best interests in mind and I made sure to fix other technicians problems and made sure those technicians got punished for their horrible work and termination sometimes took place. Iam not for duct cleaning but that's because I feel you should replace those ducts.

But that's a cost a lot of people can't afford so cleaning is better than still breathing it in. All your preference. I have seen workers do such horrible work at multiple places of employeement. If your reading this you know what iam saying.

I bet at your place of employeement you have a guy who needed to be fired so don't judge the company because of someone who use to work there because most likely they were fired due to horrible work because i have only seen people quit after stepped by through a customers ceiling and tony telling them they would have it taken out of their check. Which yes that's your fault for stepping through. If your at fault your at fault. Take your loss and move forward.

I made a lot of money there and it set me up for what I have now. Hard work pays off period.

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